Welcome to WholeWay Home™

Not a Halfway House, but a Whole Way Home…™

  • Are you vegan or vegetarian and want to stay someplace where you can make your green smoothies every morning?

  • Are you heading to Sin City and need to stay someplace that supports your Sobriety?

  • Coming to Vegas for work and dreading the ‘typical’ Las Vegas experience?

If you answered yes to these questions – then you have found your way home.

100% Hard Core Holistic Health Sober Living, Vegetarian Friendly, Eco-Sanctuary, Desert Agricultural Research, Personal Development Center, Safe Secure HomeStay! WholeWay Home is perfect for either a short term non-casino stay while you are visiting Las Vegas. Or it is perfect for longer term living in a nurturing, supportive educational environment.

Home for Health and Energy Practitioners, Too!

Are you a health practitioner or energy worker that requires a safe vacation home to stay in Las Vegas and/or a place to host clients or intimate gatherings? WholeWay Home is open to share meeting space for a donation. We are also open to barter and exchange. Please contact us to discuss your special needs.