Welcome to WholeWay Home™

Not a Halfway House, but a Whole Way Home…™

  • Are you vegan or vegetarian and want to stay someplace where you can make your green smoothies every morning?

  • Are you heading to Sin City and need to stay someplace that supports your Sobriety?

  • Coming to Vegas for work and dreading the ‘typical’ Las Vegas experience?

If you answered yes to these questions – then you have found your way home.

100% Hard Core Holistic Health Sober Living, Vegetarian Friendly, Eco-Sanctuary, Desert Agricultural Research, Personal Development Center, Safe Secure HomeStay! WholeWay Home is perfect for a non-casino stay while you are visiting Las Vegas. Perfect for longer term living in a nurturing, supportive educational environment.

Home for Health and Energy Practitioners, Too!

Are you a health practitioner or energy worker that requires a safe vacation home to stay in Las Vegas? WholeWay Home is open to share our home with you. We are also open to barter and exchange. Please contact us to discuss your special needs.