WTF is Wrong with Cussing? @#$%!

WTF is Wrong with Cussing? @#$%!

These days, we seem to use the ‘f’ word (and worse) in everyday spoken word and thoughts. I myself have been guilty of using a few choice selections through my day if I stub my toe or do some other unconscious act that offends me. I was asked if it is wrong to use such language and specifically why we are taught to have an aversion to the ‘f’ word and others. Here are some thoughts to ponder.

Old Testament

The Old Testament is accepted as a good text to read, in many major world religions (the Judeo-Christian world as well as the Muslim world and beyond). In the original books, or the Torah, the 10 commandments are meant as basic morality laws. The Commandment, “Thou shalt not use the name of the Lord thy God in vain,” may be viewed as an early guide to help people understand better the power of the spoken word. This is not isolated only to the use of God’s name in vain, but applies to any and all usage of words thrown out casually that could potentially cause harm or dilute the power of the word expressed.

All curse words generally have a low vibration mainly due to their usage. Consider what is your consciousness when you generally use such words? I know for me, the situation is usually not one I would have chosen consciously.

Also consider the type of people that use them frequently… often angry folks… or a juvenile trying to ‘prove’ something by being overtly flagrant. Or one who does not have command over their language so they use expletives as the only way to express themselves in a strong frame. Consider also, that in our current culture, they are used all too commonly by people for simple shock value. And as a result, cursing has lost some shock efficacy.

What the f does it mean?

Specifically, the ‘f’ word is a low vibration word, due to its accepted association with vulgarity and cursing – which inherently implies negative energy. It also refers to the sex act in a crude non-lovemaking tonality. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a good shag now and then, but that is far from my point…)

From an strictly esoteric viewpoint, it refers to a very “base” physical level action as opposed to a spiritual plane. And the etymology of the ‘f’ word often refers to an act that not only involves fornication, but also making mistakes ‘f-d up’, cheating f-ing around’ and even violence ‘gonna f you up.’ Although more recently, the word is being adopted in a sort of cute manner to become more acceptable, it does not change the fact that it originated in a debasing energy consciousness.

Some people, not realizing the intricacy of the word association with these low vibrations may have a knee jerk reaction to the use of the term, without really understanding why on a deeper level. Those opposed to the use of the word may respond out of fear or mistrust without knowing why deep down, other than – it just doesn’t feel “right. And those who think it’s no big deal to use the f word (and others), do not understand the potential damage they are doing to their own psyche and others.

Degrading our Human Consciousness

An acquaintance of mine wrote a book a while back called “The Big Fucking Secret.” (Spoiler Alert: The secret he revealed is we are all the “I Am” Eye of God!) I appreciate the sensibility that he used to name his book. It is catchy and grabs your attention. But it is also completely contrary to the subject matter included therein – denigrating the very subject of God!

So what I have observed is that we as a society are slowly being taught – indoctrinated to the casual use of foul language to the point where we think nothing of using it and debasing ourselves on a daily basis.

Personally, I am not afraid of such language, but it does concern me. As a skilled orator and writer, I see words as tools.  I personally aspire to choose to use the highest vibratory language possible. And so I do try to avoid using low vibration words in thought, speech and especially written word – knowing how they may be interpreted. And I get upset when the casual foul expression comes sliding out of my mouth without hesitation in certain situations.

So what is one to do when we bang our funny bone or spill a glass of milk? My new resolution is to find funny clever substitutes to blurt out. That have enough of an edge to be satisfactory on the tongue: Dangnabit! Good Grief! Criminy! And the ever satisfactory, Zoinks! But they do not carry the social attachments.

Rule of Three

“The Rule of Three (also Three-fold Law or Law of Return) is a religious tenet held by some Wiccans. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.”

Rule of Three (Wicca) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So this whole subject actually relates closely to the Wiccan Law “Harm None” and the law of threefold return, which is worth reviewing. the law of three basically states that whatever you put out there in thought word or deed will come back to threefold. (Kinda like the law karma.) We are all fellow God and Goddess creators. As we learn and grow and vibrate on higher levels, we learn the interconnection of all things. We develop more respect for our vast ability to manifest. Why on earth would I want to put out anything or specific word out in the world that wasn’t full of life and happy feelings? And especially one that will echo back around to land on us.

So the bottom line is this: Curse words are meant for rare punctuation and spice, not as a daily meal or main course, and even in those extreme situations where it might seem appropriate, they should be used with extreme caution as their vibration (*regardless of HOW you intended it to be taken) will absolutely come right back to you.

I.e. use the f-bomb and you may just get f’d in the end.

To get really deep on words and sound and what they mean and do… listen to this interview.