New Year Resolutions – 1 month out!

This is the time of year when people set new goals in the form of resolutions. More often then not, health and fitness are the focus of many. To not get discouraged with slow results or the onslaught of too much information, let me instill some great habits for you to make your goals a reality.

1. Never Shop Hungry!

Come with to the grocery store (virtually) and let’s get started. First, let’s try to never shop hungry. Often times our eyes are bigger than our stomach and we hunt for foods that appeal to our taste buds rather than how they function.

2. Shop where the Good Stuff is!

Next, let’s ignore all aisles in the middle and only shop around the perimeter of the store. This is where all the fresh foods can be found. All boxed junk foods that are high in carbs, highly processed, preservative packed and with no expiration date are usually found in the middle aisles.

3. Frozen can be your Friend!

If you can’t shop often and know that perishables will go bad, buy some frozen fruit and vegetables. You will save some money, be able to make great smoothies and have food s that last for months. Almost no nutrition is lost in the freezing process.

4. Experiment with Substitutions.

Replace dairy milk and ice cream with almond milk, butter with olive oil, granola with nuts and seeds, jelly with honey, pasta with kelp noodles and iodized table salt with Celtic sea salt. It’s these little things that make the big difference.

Happy New You!

~Raw Matt