Anand and Chef Mason are now teaming up with with their new “Experiences” platform. We are working side-by-side with the wellness company, BeWell NV to provide instruction about health, wellness, healing journeys and also with a little Las Vegas history thrown in.

Although we have dates already listed on the calendar, please feel free to request other dates and times.

Esoteric Life Journeys

Share the wild outdoors with anand and/or Chef Mason while they combine a healthful walk in the fresh air with educational inspirational twist! Guided Meditations, Survival Training and more…

Renew U @ Medicine Wheel

Hike in Desert to Oasis Energy Vortex

Scramble Red Rock with a Survival chef

Pure Wellness Journeys

Learn how to make your own healthy Raw Chocolate Class or learn how you, too, can Kiss Addiction Goodbye.

Make RAWket Chocolate with a Veg*n Chef

Kiss Addiction Goodbye in Sin City

Exercise & History Journeys

See the BEST of the BEST of Las Vegas, all while getting healthy and fit! Enjoy a pleasant walk with anand as she shares about the architecture, history and fine people that created the Las Vegas Strip. Or take an easy bike flat downtown ride with Chef Mason while he shares Downtown Las Vegas, NV history, art and culture.

Show Me the Strip! Architecture Walk 1

Show Me the City! Strip History Walk 2

The Essential Downtown Vegas Bike Tour

Ultimate Classic Las Vegas Bike Tour


We hope to Meet YOU soon!

~anand and Chef Mason