EMF and RF Signals Electromagnetic Radiation Correlation to Historic Disease Outbreaks

EMF and RF Signals Electromagnetic Radiation Correlation to Historic Disease Outbreaks

Could there be a War on Humanity through Radiant Electrical Currents
…including the Introduction of Cellular Networks?



Radio waves or Radio Frequency (RF) energy is used to transmit and receive voice and data. This has been going on for well over a century. Prior to this electronic age, the human body only had to contend with solar and space Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF). Each time we increase or change the RF or EMF levels we are exposed to, the human body has to assimilate and transcend the effects of incoming waves.

Most recently, 5G uses frequency bands in the 24 GHz to 100 GHz range, known as millimeter wave (mmWave). You don’t have to understand this, just understand that it’s a different waveform than has been used in the public before now. It is a much stronger wave, but it won’t go as far. This means it has to be more concentrated or “directed” in its use. That’s why when 5G starts showing up in cities, they will have to put more and more towers up to get this stronger signal everywhere. BTW, Wuhan was a 5G test city in late 2019 as were several other cities in Asia.


Bacterial ‘Infections’ are transmissible. They are created by living entities – airborne or on surfaces. Viruses are different and not at all like ‘bacteria.’ Viruses are not considered to be living things. They act like auto-immune disorders – with the body feeling like it is attacking itself from within. Viruses are the debris excretions of a toxic cell. They are not the SICKNESS itself. They are the RESPONSE to sickness. You can get them from an injection (like a vaccinations, dirty needles, bug bites, etc.) or by other non-physical input, such as RF or EMF.

Have you ever heard the phrase you catch a cold from yourself. Yup. That is what is happening. If you allow your immunity to be compromised through stress or ‘bad’ behavior (like poor diet, sloth, or using drugs, etc.), your body knows how to correct itself. And thus you are forced to rest while your body goes about repairing itself. Ever wonder why it is some people never seem to get sick when everyone else around them is sick?

Uniformed news, entertainment and other media outlets continue to confuse how this works and add to our popular mythology and misconceptions. Even trained scientists continue to promote theories that are actually unproven. Research for yourself how the ‘War of Milks’ was won and why we know the name of Pasteur, but not the name of Bechamp.

“Prior to the 20th Century, people were not so afraid of bacteria. It’s all Louis Pasteur’s fault. He is known as the “Father of Modern Germ Theory.” He found that if you boiled milk, it killed all the dangerous germs. But he neglected to recognize and give credence to the beneficial bacteria in raw milk, which was also getting boiled to death. Thus, pasteurization destroys milk’s intrinsic natural germicidal properties and enzymes.”

“We all know Louis Pasteur’s name because pasteurization was named after him, but the name fewer people know is Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp, another French organic chemist, and Pasteur’s bitter rival. Pasteur’s theory was that “germs” were external forces that attacked healthy organisms. But Béchamp scientifically proved that germs are the byproducts of microorganisms enacting on already weak or malfunctioning cells and dead tissue. In other words, germs and disease are the result of existing poor ‘terrain.’ They don’t come to attack… “But Pasteur’s germ theory won out, and that is what people get taught in school, because it enabled the pharmaceutical industry to emerge, and for medicines that ‘attack germs’ to be sold, as opposed to just getting people so healthy that they didn’t get sick in the first place!

“This historical event set the stage for the Modern Day pharmaceutical industry that works to kill pathogens, as opposed to removing the pre-pathogenic initial causes of disease.

From the book, Kiss Addiction Goodbye


A virus is the way a cell throws the junk or damaged RNA or DNA off of itself when it is either already sick or it has been attacked by an outside force. When cells are attacked by invading forces (both physical and energetic), they respond with the weak ones dying and the strong surviving and adapting for the next onslaught. When the cell is throwing off this toxic debris, you might feel awfully sick. If you are a strong individual, you can withstand this ‘house cleaning.’ If you are frail or have an otherwise compromised immune system, then yes, a viral situation can be very dangerous. It could snowball along with other immunity issues in the body.

EMF could be the culprit

Even if you cannot fathom that RF and EMF literally attacks humans, then consider this… EMF absolutely affects the oxygen in the air. Which basic human organ systems are most dependent on oxygen? The lungs. The sinuses. The brain. A bacterial pneumonia typically has the lungs filled with fluid. Why would any particular virus not promote fluid in the lungs? Because unlike fighting off a bacterial infection, perhaps it is responding to a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen will make you cough, make it difficult to breath, give you a headache, and make you feel utterly exhausted.

In addition, 60 Hz mmWave (gradient EMFs) are scientifically proven to induce gene toxicity. This is close-range EMF – such as Medium Earth Orbit Satellites beams directing EMFs at key locations… hmmm… such as cruise ships!!! And just a side note… the 5 GHz your Wi-Fi router uses may also be compromising to health, but to my knowledge, this has not been researched yet.


There is a lot of scientific disinformation out there… Why, EVEN THIS report could be a False Premise and the research flawed! But the concept in general is worth consideration. Feel free to make corrections or amendments in comments below. But first take a look at the chart and consider the possibilities.

Then finally…

Consider that an organization(s) could knowingly take advantage of such an RF or EMF induced outbreak of people feeling “ill” and propose that people get vaccinated against an actual virus concocted AND ALREADY PATENTED in a laboratory.


Chart of RF and EMF advances and Pandemics


Time Period What Was Happening Possible Viral Implications
previous three centuries peaks in solar magnetic activity on an 11- year cycle correlates with influenza pandemics by various astrobiology journals


Telegraph lines and stray EMF current Beginnings of mass neurasthenia (sickness from electricity)




Full scale electrification of America 1889-1890 Flu Pandemic – 1 million dead
1904 Radio Transmitters established for transatlantic communications 1915-1926 Encephalitis Lethargica Pandemic aka the “sleeping sickness”

1.5 million dead

1915 Increase in telephone lines 1915 Telephone operators report higher percentage of flu-like symptoms
1914-1918 (WW1)


Increase of high-powered radio transmitters beginning on military bases, then spread worldwide 1918-1920 Spanish Flu begins at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, MA

100 million dead worldwide


(Post WW2)

Installation of Worldwide Radar Surveillance Systems Asian Flu – 2 million dead

Soviet scientists report radio frequencies altering electrocardiograms and mitochondria.

1968-69 Installation of major military satellites Hong Kong Flu H3N2 – 1 million dead
1979-84 First 1G wireless cellular network nationwide Mid-late 1970s – mid 1980s AIDS – changes in RF in combination with Hep C vac. – Untold millions dead
1991 2G cellular network rollout begins Statistical graphs show disease increases worldwide as electrification and communication grids are implemented


Major HAARP facilities constructed

Massive deployment of cell phone technology

1994 UK classifies common sparrow as an endangered species.

+unknown other unreported complications

1998 First satellites for space telephony installed 1996 -2002 dramatic increase of cardiac arrest cases in young athletes.

#s of dead unknown

3G rollout begins
2002-2004 SARS – 1000 dead

2009 H1N1/09 – Up to .5 million dead

2010 4G rollout begins 2013 Ebola 11,000 dead

2015 Swine Flu 2000 dead

+unknown other unreported complications

2019-2020 5G rollout begins.
First instances of rollout: WUHAN, China and Cruise Ships!



Unknown # of deaths … Research locations of 5G initial deployment. Separate false PCR results to people dying of radiation-like sickness


“In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences, it was easier to be human. . . .
“For this reason, in order to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.”
Rudolf Steiner



Just a few quick random studies… Please add more in comments on our social media.