Mercury Detox Vacation

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Mercury Detox Vacation

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Stay at Whole Way Home while you get your dental work (or other medical procedures) done.

Mercury Amalgam Removal

Have  you acquired Mercury Toxicity through dental amalgams? I did. I spent HTREE years interviewing countless holistic biological dentists over phone and through emails and then interviewing EIGHT (8) different dentists in person from California to Mexico (Santa Barbara, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica, Westwood, Glendale, Palm Springs, San Diego). None seemed to have every single piece of the puzzle put together. Now, we finally found one who was just right; and right in our own back yard! We found Dr. James Heltzel. He uses the Hal Huggins Protocol for treating Dental Toxicity and has Board Certification from International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine. Where other so-called “biological” dentists were recommending root canals, crowns and even pulled teeth and dentures, this dentist saved every last tooth (13 fillings in all) in the most conservative ways without resorting to these other methods.

Dr. James Heltzel, DDS
4312 South Eastern Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89119
(Just 3.5 miles – less than 10 minutes drive – from our home.)
Phone: (702) 733-7244


International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology  | | |

Detox in a safe, caring, nurturing environment

We understand what you are going through. The headaches, the bizarre pains, the sinus conditions and more. The adrenal fatigue, constant tiredness caused by thyroid malfunction, the anxiety, depression, candida and parasites, ongoing allergies. THIS IS ALL SIMPLY A WAKE-UP CALL TO WHOLE NEW EXCITING WAY OF LIFE!!

When you stay at WholeWay Home, you will have access to many of the protocols that are recommended for detoxing your system: FIR Far Infrared Sauna, Rebounders for lymphatic draining, WBV Whole Body Vibration Machine for lymphatic drainage, Gravity Table – Inversion machine, grounding cords and much more. We have several massage vibrator machines to work on your neck and back, legs and feet. We have a yoga room for you to stretch and a massage table set-up with recommendations for massage therapists trained in Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage as well as emotional body release. We can also steer you to powerful energy healers who can help you move past a traumatic era of your life. We have a great chiropractor close-by to recommend, as well as a host of healthy places to eat while you are staying with us. Las Vegas is surprisingly a very healthy place to live.  For all the sin and vice you see promoted in the media, there is a strong equal and opposite community here! We even have a girl who brings groups to visit John of God girl several times a year. You can go with her regarding your detox, or she can go on your behalf. We also have the largest Raw Food Meetup Group in the entire country!

Along those lines, we have Excaliber juicers and Vitamix blenders. There are fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro growing in our garden (seasonal) and abundant wild greens to add to your morning green smoothies. There is also a place only 3 blocks away that makes custom fresh juices. We have a vast library that will help you understand your mind, body and spirit better… to assist you on your path. Get relaxed and healthier and remember who you really are again.

In addition to all of this, you will also have access to a nutritional coach who is familiar with Andy Cutler Protocol, Quicksilver and other detox methods. We can provide emotional support and educational tips on safe detox to help you clean out your system while you clean out your mouth. THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!!! If you require more intense coaching, for a small fee, we are available to provide even more custom coaching to get you back on track to the life you were meant to live through a High Nutrient Diet, getting your gut and digestion in order, and Essene counseling.

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