This is a legacy page. WholeWay Home in Las Vegas is no longer in operation. Please visit our revised home page to see what we’re up to now!

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WholeWay Home Raw Cacao Class
WholeWay Home Raw Cacao Class
WholeWay Home 4 Raw Chocolate Classes Partnering with local Farmers Market
WholeWay Home 4 Raw Chocolate Classes Partnering with local Farmers Market

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Need an Event Location?

If you are a health practitioner or energy worker that requires a place to meet with clients or hold intimate gatherings? WholeWay Home is open to our share space. We are also open to barter and exchange. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Events at Wholeway Home may include candles, fire, possibly some ritual and/or maybe even a drum circle later in the evening. If you are so inclined, we encourage you to bring tarot cards, singing bowls, an instrument to play, or anything you feel would contribute to a colorful gathering. Respectful participation and leadership are encouraged. Think of it as a holistic SALON!


We try to host at least 1 monthly Friday night Shabbat. Learn more about these gatherings here:

High Holidays


When we host a gathering on premises, we like to have them coincide with the High ‘Pagan’ (aka native people’s) Holidays. To be clear, these are not “pagan” events. We simply like to schedule public events on traditional seasonal observance days to get back in sync with the natural rhythms of the year; And also to better understand better how our Western calendar has converted seasonal observances to modern day holidays that are often corrupted and meaningless in today’s world.

Winter Solstice Launch

WholeWay Home concept community was launched on the auspicious date of Winter Solsitce, 12-21-2012. As we entered a new metaphysical era on the Winter Solstice, we held an informal Open House and live streamed the SHIFT movement from around the world.