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Friday Shabbat

candles2Our weekly House Meeting is after our Friday Shabbat. If you would like to join in our private Shabbat, please let us know. Friends are always welcome at Shabbat. Otherwise, please join us on the Fourth Friday of each month just as the sun goes down for our Essene Shabbat Gathering that is an informal spiritual sharing and music.

Shabbat encourages a time of complete rest from worldly activity. It starts Friday night at sunset and ends Saturday night at sunset. For our Essene Shabbat, we will gather for an hour or so, light a candle, do a little reading and discussion, do a little meditation and then play music and/or eat. Then you are free to go on with the rest of your Friday night and weekend more peaceful and refreshed!

  • Optional: Bring a Raw or Live Vegetarian food item to share for an informal Raw Food Potluck!
  • Optional: Bring a votive candle to light.
  • Optional: Bring an instrument or drum to play.

If you have a copy of this book, please bring it, as we will read and discuss sections of this book together:


You can always do Shabbat on your own as well. At the end of your Friday, just at sundown, light a candle and take a little time for yourself to reflect on your week, do a little spiritual reading and give gratitude for your life.