This is a legacy page. WholeWay Home in Las Vegas is no longer in operation. Please visit our revised home page to see what we’re up to now!

Personal Development Consultation

WholeWay Home offers private personalized consultation with a raw food chef and a nutritionist. Learn a new approach to health maintenance, integrating leading-edge mind-body-spirit nutrition strategies. We will assess your current diet, eating patterns, preferences, and lifestyle choices and factors and provide customized advice and gentle suggestions about meeting your mind-body-spiritual health needs and goals.

  • 12 Step and Sobriety Work for substances AND ‘Other Issues’
  • Dining Out, Ordering In & Travel Tips
  • Coaching on Home Hosting and Community Enrichment Topics
  • Eating for More Energy and “Quick Fixes”– Express Foods & Snacks
  • Introduction to the Mystery Schools of Thought (including pschic readings)
  • Supplements for Addition-Free and Multi-tasking Lifestyles
  • Creating happy long-term relationships with long lasting love and Intimacy
  • Optimize your Energy and Enhance your vitality
  • How-To lessons on Raw Food Preparation
  • Maximize your personal potential by improving the way you eat, think and believe.
  • Make up your OWN personalized program on what YOU would like to learn from us!

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Affordable Health & Wellness Coaching


Book an hour coaching session with WholeWay Home and you will have access to not 1 opinion, but 2. A single coaching session is $200 hour.

(IF you are in the Las Vegas area, depending on our occupancy, you also may have access to the following amenities free of charge: Infrared Sauna, Whole Body Vibration, Massage Machines, Quiet Mind Library… Plus, you can book a massage for a discounted rate with one of our recommended massage therapists or arrange a private qi gong class on site.)

All sessions are co-facilitated by a husband and wife team, which supplies a nice balanced male-female, yin-yang approach which gives all clients someone to relate to. Remember that two heads are better than One!

To receive a discounted coaching, consider signing up for a monthly membership!

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