21 Steps

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21 Steps Program by Dr. Leo Fishbeck

This 21 step program was created as an alternative to the 12 steps program that people often have issues with. It was written by Reverend Dr. Leo Fishbeck who was a minister of the Science of Mind Church and Centers for Positive Living in both Los Angeles and San Diego for over 40 years. He is also the author of Sing Your Song for All You’re Worth: A Book on Living Abundantly for the Young at Heart.

Because of my commitment to make substantial improvements in my life, I promise to the best of my ability, to:

  1. 21stepsLove myself just the way I am.
  2. Recognize that this is the most important moment of my life.
  3. Take full responsibility for my experiences, past and present, and release all temptation to blame others or myself for my difficulties.
  4. Honestly own all of my feelings and give consent to them.
  5. Be willing at all times to surrender to my Higher Power when tempted to indulge in destructive behavior.
  6. Understand the limitations of will power and let my higher power support me as I practice delaying instant gratification long enough to awaken my ability to make the choices that support my health and well being.
  7. Define pain and struggle as indicators of my belief in separation and use them as reminders to focus my thoughts on my Oneness with all Life and to contemplate my relationship with my Higher Power.
  8. Establish frequent contacts with my Higher Power through meditation and prayer and be willing to listen to and practice trusting the still small voice from within.
  9. Treat my physical body with love and respect as if it was the temple of God.
  10. Complete unfinished business
  11. Conduct my personal and business affairs with the utmost integrity
  12. request from all my relationships, both personal and business, in a positive and harmonious manner, that they relate to me from integrity.
  13. Frequently communicate with someone I respect and admire.
  14. Find ways to let my inner child play and create frequent opportunities to laugh.
  15. Work on a creative project that me beyond my comfort zone, but something I love doing and share the results on a regular basis with others.
  16. Spend timevisualizing myself living my fondest dreams and continually remind myself that my higher power has provided me with everything I need to bring them to fruition.
  17. Expand my appreciation and reverence for all life and express my love and respect for Mother Earth and all living things.
  18. Practice daily seeing God in every face I see.
  19. Be open and receptive to the love and kindness expressed to me by others.
  20. Return to the Source of my inspiration a generous portion of my harvest.
  21. Lend a helping hand to someone who needs my support.