This is a legacy page. WholeWay Home in Las Vegas is no longer in operation. Please visit our revised home page to see what we’re up to now!

WholeWay Presentations

Sharing RAW Experience, Strength and Hope.

Chef Mason Green and anand sahaja have been leading groups on FUN educational journeys for well over ten years. Now relocated to Las Vegas, NV and established WholeWay Home, a new concept in sober living environments. As founding members of WholeWay Home they look to encourage people to choose a healthier lifestyle and achieve personal goals through entertaining presentations for groups, large or small.

Their presentations include new approaches to health maintenance and improvement, integrating leading-edge mind-body-spirit nutrition strategies. WholeWay Home looks at the current Standard American Diet and other lifestyle factors and provides gentle suggestions about meeting health needs and goals. Their motto aligns with the twelve step philosophy, “Progress, Not Perfection.”

Yin-Yang ~ Male-Female

Chef Mason and anand have been partners for over almost 40 years and married for close to 30. They understand successful relationship strategies and behaviors like few others in this Modern world. SO unlike most speakers, WholeWay Home presentations are co-facilitated by a happy husband and wife team, which supplies a nice balanced male-female, yin-yang approach. It also gives all members of the group/audience someone to relate to.

Presentation Topics

As well as…

  • Maximize personal potential by improving the way you eat, think and believe!
  • Eating for Energy and Supplements for Multi-tasking Lifestyles!
  • Quick Healthy Fixes, Express Foods & Snacks, Dining Out & Travel Tips!
  • Alcohol Alternative Parties with custom-blended Raw Tonic Elixirs!
  • Medicine Cabinet Makeovers; Home and Pantry Overhaul
  • Getting back to the natural rhythms of the Wheel of the Year!

For Any Occasion

  • Couples Night
  • Girl’s Night In
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries

Please let us know how we can encourage your team to get healthy, happy and feel good today! If you have a specific presentation subject you would like to see covered, please let us know. Our Fee Schedule is flexible to accommodate almost any budget.

Let’s have some creative yet educational fun!!!

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You can book many of their experiences directly on the Airbnb platform:

WholeWay Home Experiences

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