Cosmic Sound Healing

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“Tha result is a radiant cosmic sonic creation used in tha Pythagorean ceremonies. That is to say tha music spontaneously composed and intuitively created on the Kanon always changes (similar to jazz improvisers and world music virtuosos today) yet uniquely with the 3/2 spiraling Pythagorean scale where tha underlying unchanging principle of harmony are the 3 laws: tha monadic principle of a vibrating string ,tha law of doubling( the octave), and tha sacred 3/2 interval  which uniquely transforms source energy into an infinite spiral at tha quantum and cosmic  level of creation.”

“an ancient Hermetic sonic formula relating to a spiritual science which reveals access for humanity to tha portal of spherical time, as well being a primary catalyst to practice lucid dreaming, galactic and inter-dimensional travel, experiencing life after death, realizing perfect health, abundance, and divine miracles.”

Tha Pythagorean Harp (Kanon)
Renaissance of Resonance by
Jim Doney Mandalatrece

These express the true divine trinity:

  • The Law of One – Resonance – Dark Field Energy – The Monad
  • The Law of Two – Yin – Octaves – The Duad
  • The Law of Three – Yang – Creation – the Triad

By utilizing these concepts, anand and Mason offer unique soundscape experiences to allow you own personal creation and evolution. anand has a complete set of chakra-aligned crystal healing bowls that will help you align your own personal resonate frequencies. Once aligned, you will experience deeper tuning through the rare Pythagorean Harp played by master drummer, Mason Green.

Experience a profound peace as you have never ever known.

The harmonic laws of tha True Pythagorean Scale represent these creative kanons and when activated on tha Pythagorean Harp transform into a representative model of tha sonic spiral of tha space/time/multi-dimensional continuum.