Designing a Food Forest

You can have a Food Forest almost anywhere!


For a decade, I turned my average urban lot inthe middle of Downtown Las Vegas, NV into a Food Forest in the Desert! I combined traditional landscape architecture concepts and decorative pruning with permaculture and pruning for production to make a yard that is not only attractive to neighbors, but also fruitful with food and foraging.

Many participants in the Permaculture movement, forget the idea of man as an ‘natural element’ in the garden. In other words, they try so hard to adhere to natural layouts, that they forget that the gardener must be a participant and living inspiration to the design. Central to permaculture are the three ethics: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share. Thus, our approach to permaculture includes thoughtful landscape architecture and a semi-formal design approach that puts man as a prominent and important element. Garden spaces are not just spirals of plantings, or random throwing of seeds.

Caring for people, in our humble opinion, means giving them pleasant, well-planned, and organized spaces to reside within… And that includes STRAIGHT LINES and organization.