Kiss Addiction Goodbye

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Healing Addictions

Through Nutrition


AAS Letterhead HEADER LOGOPart 1:

Mary-Margaret Stratton (anand), a Certified Raw Food Nutritionist and her husband, Cary Stratton (Chef Mason), Raw Food chef and Educator and a ‘veteran’ of 12 Step programs, discuss how you can radically support recovery, and help to heal addictive, inpulsive, and compulsive behaviors. As former board members of the Alliance For Addiction Solutions, they challenge existing methods of addiction recovery by asserting that there is a proven nutritional component to recovery.

They share years of research that allowed them to kiss their own self-defeating behaviors goodbye. They will talk about mindfulness, amino acids, vitamin therapy, and especially a whole raw foods diet,can have a positive effect your neurotransmitters, brain chemistry and make one less likely to experience addictive behaviors.

Co-Presenters: Chef Mason and Anand

(Scalable 1-2 hours presentation)

Optional Part 2:

Interactive Q&A to help you discover what your individual amino acid deficiencies? Then specific discussion about plants that have healing properties.

Co-Presenters: Mason and Anand

(1 hour Interactive Activity)

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