RAWket Chocolate Party

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What is more fun than getting your hands all covered in raw chocolate?!? You heard that chocolate is actually good for you? Well, that depends on what type of chocolate you are talking about. When you talk RAW CHOCOLATE – That’s a big YES. It is good! You are increasing your health benefits up to 20 times !!! …especially in healing your heart! …and boosting your LOVE CONNECTIONS! We will help you understand WHY you crave chocolate and why that’s OKAY! So at our Raw Chocolate class, we will taste the SACRED CACAO bean as it transforms from dried bean pod with goupy crunchy covering to a refined powder.

Then, we’ll learn how to make low-glycemic, raw, gourmet vegan chocolate treats. If you are familiar with the raw chocolate bars on the market, you know you can pay $10 just for a small piece! We’ll also teach you the magic of making your own for a fraction of the cost! You will leave with your own home-made raw cacao treats. (If you do not eat it all that night!) We will provide chocolate making supplies as well as refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst between tastings.

Raw Spirit Festival Candyman singalong!


This is offered through Airbnb Experiences (or can be offered off their [platform if you prefer)



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