12 Step Diet Book – Kiss Addiction Goodbye

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Enjoy our book that outlines 12 NEW Steps to find long-lasting recovery!

The Twelve Step Diet to Aid Recovery and Help Heal Addictive Compulsive Behavior


What if you could Kiss Addiction Goodbye… Forever.

In 1939, a revolutionary book was released. Alcoholics Anonymous, aka the Big Book, has literally helped millions of people… …except for those millions more it has not helped. Kiss Addiction Goodbye is an Essential Read for Anyone who still suffers from Addiction, And for everyone else who knows an addict, and wants to understand WHY?

Mary-Margaret Stratton, Essene Minister, Certified Raw Food Nutritionist, Instructional Designer, and a ‘veteran’ of 12 Step philosophy, discusses how you can radically support recovery, and help to heal your addictive and compulsive behaviors through holistic natural nutrition and positive mindful behavior modification. She shares years of research that allowed her to Kiss her own self-defeating behaviors Goodbye through a whole foods diet. She is living proof that changing your life can affect your brain chemistry, make you happier AND less likely to succumb to future addictive behaviors.