Running a WholeWay Home

This is a legacy page. WholeWay Home in Las Vegas is no longer in operation. Please visit our revised home page to see what we’re up to now!


Welcome to Whole Way Home in downtown Las Vegas, NV

Where we show you the flip side of Vegas… the Yin to the Yang of Sin City!

Every plant in our urban homestead demonstration garden is either edible or considered medicinal – like this Traditional Chinese Medicine plant – He Sho Wu.

WholeWay Home 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbs


We have raised beds where we plant seasonal organic and heirloom vegetables and herbs.

Everything is planted “VEGANICally” as in fresh organic vegetable compost – NO cow manure or GMO cottonseed meal.

WholeWay Home 2 Raised Garden Beds


We have plenty of indoor-outdoor living spaces to enjoy the lovely desert climate.

WholeWay Home 3 Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces


We partner with the local farmer’s market to teach Raw Chocolate Classes!

Airbnb Guests are always welcomed to join.

WholeWay Home 4 Raw Chocolate Classes Partnering with local Farmers Market


We have a peace pole in our front yard dedicated in 8 different languages of the world.

WholeWay Home 5 Peace Pole Dedication with 8 languages of World


Every now and then, we invite friends over for an educational movie night and Raw Food Potluck.

Airbnb Guests have unlimited access to a terrific library of self-help videos and sustainable living documentaries – like Marcus Rothkranz “Free Food and Medicine” wildcrafting movie.

WholeWay Home 6 Educational Movie Night Potlucks


Drum Circles are great any time… for any age!

WholeWay Home 7 Drum Circles for all ages


Here are guests foraging for wild greens to add to their morning smoothies.

There is always something edible around.

We now have a 6 foot (2 meter) tall perennial purple tree collard!

WholeWay Home 8 Guests foraging for wild weeds


We host a monthly all-faith Shabbat and light candles and learn about each other’s ways.

WholeWay Home 9 Monthly ALL Faiths Shabbat


We will also let you know where all the other sustainable places are in Las Vegas.

Like our friends at “The Farm,” an Animal Rescue Farm nearby where you can buy farm-fresh chicken and duck eggs.

WholeWay Home 10 Local Chicken Rescue for fresh from the farm eggs


We are doing Rain Catchment for the garden watering; have a water distiller; infrared sauna; dedicated yoga room and so much more to share…

All the colors of the rainbow are welcome.

WholeWay Home 11 All the colors of the rainbow


You always make new friends by the fire.

And sometimes we do a “BioChar” fire to teach about a new way to improve garden soil!

WholeWay Home 12 making new friends around the firepit


Your SuperHosts have been on Airbnb since 2010 and are a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef.

They are always happy to share their Sustainable Living knowledge with you.

WholeWay Home 13 Your Hosts Anand and Mason


Whole Way Home… not a half-way house – but a whole way home.

WholeWay Home is 100% Hard Core Holistic Health Sober Living, Vegetarian Friendly, Eco-Sanctuary, Desert Agricultural Research, Personal Development Center, Safe Secure HomeStay! Come and stay with us… We’d love to meet you!!!

WholeWay Home 14 Not a Halfway House